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Some free scripts that can be used

Here are some scripts - mostly in PHP - which no longer have an official developement site but still work pretty well, are completely safe and above all are 100% free (I'm using some of these scripts myself)....although they're getting old which means they might not be compatible with newest and future PHP versions. Please keep it in mind when using them. Thank you.

This is the script I use to manage Hakanai, Ast3rism and a few other sites; it's very similar to Cutenews but with better security and moderation system, easier and more customizable news templates, a more approachable admin panel (especially compared to Cutenews' latest versions) and it's lighter. Just like Cutenews, this script doesn't require a MySQL database.
DOWNLOAD :: FusionNews

This is the script I use to showcase my icons and bases on Enigmaticons, but it also works for any kind of small-medium images that don't require links (icon textures, signatures, favicons, etc.); the script basically sorts out the images in alphabetical order, all you have to do is create the folders for each category you want. There are some extras that allow you to create sub-folders inside the main categories' folders, but I've never needed to use them.
DOWNLOAD :: Icon Sort
ADD-ONS :: OO1 - OO2

FanUpdate is another blogging script similar to FusionNews and Cutenews, but with more advanced features - the option to customize each news categories differently, very easy smilies customization, extremely strong security options are the ones I love most; FanUpdate requires a MySQL database to work, but setting it up is still as easy as Cutenews and FusionNews.
DOWNLOAD :: FanUpdate