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Life never goes as you expect

Floated on October 09 2023 | 2 ephemeral souls

Hi there minna, it’s been pretty much a lifetime since I last wrote here. ^^;;;;;
When C0vid started I thought that, being stuck at home all day, I’d be designing and working on//updating my sites like crazy….nope; instead - hence the title of this post - I got swallowed by the world wide web (in particular mangas, manhwas and manhuas aggregator sites) and basically never checked let alone worked on any of my sites. But that’s over, I’m finally back in business (hopefully for good) and sorted out and ready to start again. =)

So, as usual, new update comes with a new look: version 11 is called Pumpkin Fright and features a cute Halloween vector -- from so long ago I forgot where I got it (I think Vecteezy but I'm not sure) -- that I think it's perfect for the season, so I hope you'll like it. =)

But now let’s move onto the main part a.k.a. the updates…as not checking on my site doesn’t mean I stayed completely idle: I managed to make a quite a bunch of premade layouts and graphics; here’s the full detailed list.
  • 8 premade divs designs featuring Vampire Knight, Kuroshitsuji and other series.
  • 4 premade table designs half featuring artwork and half anime-themed
  • 2 premade headers both featuring Vampire Knight
  • 1 desktop wallpapers featuring Bleach
  • 26 site names that had been stacked in my notes for ages
I also did a little revamp, deleting some premades and headers that I no longer liked and changing the designs, headers and wallpapers' preview method. I might add a lightbox viewer in the future, but I’m not sure (those scripts often tend to be clunky and weigh down the page); anway, I hope you’ll enjoy the new batch and that it can make up at least a little for my absence.

Gotta go now, as I'm planning to update I♥Boys and Ast3rism as well; see you all on next entry - which should hopefully not take another couple of years. LOL
Everybody take care, and have a wonderful week. ♥

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