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Floated on May 28 2017 | 4 ephemeral souls

[EDITED ON 07.19] The new update is coming in a few days; stay tuned for it. blink1.gif [/EDITED]

[EDITED ON 06.19] I'm thinking of getting rid of the contact form since the only ones using it these days are SEO spammers, but I'm not fully sure - though I'm likely gonna delete it out of frustration if another spammy message comes via the form. [/EDITED]

AFFIE PLUG :: Melisa - Melisa - Melisa - Melisa

Hi there everyone, whassup? ^.^
Break's over and I'm finally updating with a new version and small batch of new things - because my inspiration has been lamely on and off again so I didn't make many things; but let's follow my usual order.

First of all, the new look: version 6.0 is called Bird of Life and it's a very basic divs layout featuring a vector image of a bird with a quite colorful palette; I had made this design as my spring update's premade, but then I worked on the previous one....which was way more spring-y, so that went ahead and this became my early summer update's one - since in my opinion the colors match both seasons. :p

As for other site-related things, I have to welcome back a beloved old affiliate: Hisoka Iro's owner Melisa is back with her new site Broken Paige....so let's give her a big shoutout and above all a visit - using the plugs above. ♥♥

Now the best part, meaning the additions....and, as mentioned, they're not that many.
My inspiration was lamely on and off again and that, combined with the fact I had to update other sites before Hakanai, lead to not enough time to make a full and big update; anyway, here's what I have in this bunch.
  • 4 new div designs, two of which are Hakanai's previous versions.
  • 12 new site names, mostly born out of the same translated word's sayings.
It's been a while since I added new site names to the page, so I'm quite proud of the amount I was able to add in one go; I hope you enjoy them - and as usual let me know in the cbox if you use one, I'll cross it out.

Have to go now, as I wanna watch the movie Me before you with Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke - I've been trying to watch it, but I always get "sidetracked" by other things; see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and have a super wonderful Sunday. ♥

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