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It's a celebration!!

Floated on December 18 2017 | 1 ephemeral souls

Hiya there minna, whassup? ^.^
After a (seemingly) endless revamp, I'm finally updating Hakanai with a lot of new things and a new look; let's start from the latter.

Hakanai's version 8.0 is an advanced divs layout called simply Grace featuring some (to me) unknown art and a holiday-fitting palette (one of the few I've ever managed to make); to be honest the design is more like assembled - since I placed a premade header on a premade stylesheet and just color-coded it - but I'm still proud of the final result, so I hope you'll like it anyway.

Now onto the best part: since November marked Hakanai's birthday - because it's the month I bought the domain - I decided to celebrate it properly and made a full-circle update, which means new things were added to each category; here's a full list of what has been added.
  • 6 new div designs, ranging from Pokemon to old-school Sailor Moon.
  • 2 new table designs, both featuring unknown artwork.
  • 6 new premade headers, featuring anime like Kuroko's Basket and Vampire Knight
  • 2 new desktop wallpapers, featuring mixed anime and Hibari from Katekyo Reborn.
  • 4 new site names, mainly for subdomain sites.
This is one of the biggest updates I've ever made, but the site deserved a proper birthday celebration - also considering that last year I didn't do anything. :p

Have to go now, as I gotta watch The Shannara Chronicles's season two finale - I already watched it last week actually, but I wanna rewatch it; see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and my best wishes of a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. ♥

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