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Long-awaited reopening!!

Floated on November 10 2019 | 2 ephemeral souls

[EDITED ON 12.07.2019] Just a quick edit to let you know that me and amazing Brandi at Anime Papers are having a winter-themed wallpaper contest; go check it out on on her site....or, even better, consider joining it. :3 [/EDITED]

Hello, it's been beyond forever. ^^;;;;;;
I don't really have any justification for my absence (the usual "life's hectic" excuse is more than stale), I'm just deeply and truly sorry for being m.i.a for so long. But I'm finally back (after a year and a half), so let's move on the actual site-related part.

The site's version 10 is a div layout called Blue Haze featuring hit series Vampire Knight's leading male characters Kaname Kuran and (my favorite) Zero Kiryu; I tried to do a mainly cold blue/white to fit the cold season, but I'm not sure I achieved that. xD I hope you like the design, but I embrace any kind of constructive feedback. n.n

But now let's head over the most important - and what you're all here for - part: the additions.
The site went through probably the biggest revamp and haul ever; I deleted over half of my designs - the ones removed were more than the added ones, that's for sure - and the dead affiliates. I also reorganized and renamed all the resources and graphics folders, and now their urls are quite shorter. Anyway, let's waste no more time and start with the detailed list of what was added.
  • 8 new div designs, featuring both new and vintage series like Boruto and Lady Georgie
  • 4 new table designs, again featuring series like Dragon Ball and Kuroko's Basket
  • 10 new premade headers, featuring from Saiyuki to old series like Versailles no bara
  • 30 new site names, as I finally got struck by some inspiration
I also removed one size from the wallpapers, who are now only available in 1280x800 resolution - which fits the 1366x768 resolution perfectly as well. ^.^

Have to go now as I wanna watch some anime on Netflix (either "Toradora" or the second season of "Blue Exorcist"); see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful week. ♥

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