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It's opening day!!!

Floated on February 10 2016 | 15 ephemeral souls

Hello to everybody, and welcome to my latest (and I hope last) installment. ^_^
As site, Hakanai Designs is old and new at the same time: it's old because it's the name of my very first graphics site ever, that I opened back in now far away 2009; it's new because the layout, the content, myself, my webmaster experience my designing skills have quite evolved from the days when I started the old Hakanai.

But let's not get swept away by nostalgia, and let's start with the details about the site look.
This design was originally a premade available for download, made a couple of years ago; it's called simply Roxas and feature said hit series Kingdom Hearts's leading character. It's coded in basic tables with content boxes, and I've always loved it very much...hence the decision to use it here - and I really hope you'll share my feelings. ♥

I also cleaned up the site by getting rid of the rotations, of the professional hits/visits counter and especially of the distinction between affiliate and link exchanges...it's so not cool; I currently have 9 siblings, and more are always welcome, but I'd like to affie mainly with gfx resources and anime sites and blogs in general. Remember to not ask for affiliation in the Cbox; aside from that, swam in away. n.n

Now, let's move onto the main section of the site: the graphics.
Many of those coming from my old site Akairo have gone, as I did the usual clean-up I do when I open a new site; here's a list of what Hakanai has currently to offer.
  • 12 div premade designs.
  • 4 table premade designs.
  • 15 premade headers
  • 35 site name ideas.
I had a couple of other layouts ready to be uploaded, but I ended up discarding them because they didn't look as good as when I made them; I can't promise more will come soon anymore, as I'm way busier now, but I can promise to give my best to update as soon as possible.

That's all, folks, I'm done for today; I've updated three websites in less than two hours, and my eyes are crossing over the screen. I urgently need to go to sleep.
See you all on Hakanai's first post; take care, guys, and have a great week. ♥

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