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From me to you

Floated on November 08 2023 | 3 ephemeral souls

Hi there minna-san....(miraculously) no excuses this time. xD
I can hardly believe it yet, but I'm seemingly back to a pre-pandemic updating schedule -- I reopened Hakanai (almost?) exactly a month ago, and I'm already here with a new proper update; so let's just roll.

Hakanai welcomes its version 12, simply called Banana fish from the featured titular series; I made this design around the end of last year and beginning of this one when I discovered the existence of an anime adaptation of Akimi Yoshida's shounen-ai series, which I adore (except for the ending, it's just criminal how it ends), and the moment I finished it I knew this had to be Hakanai's reopening look -- and had I not reopened on Halloween month it would've been. I hope you like it, but constructive feedback of any kind is my ambrosia. ^.^

Sadly I also had to get rid of most of my affiliates because they haven't updated for longer than me, aren't reachable or didn't see (or ignored) my comeback message; hopefully I'll get new affies sooner or later, but for now check the ones left (they absolutely and totally deserve the visit).

Now onto the part you've all been waiting for a.k.a. the additions....a Kimi ni Todoke galore; once again, I've gone monothematic and made a bunch of stuff from the same series. Here's the complete list.
  • 6 new div designs
  • 2 new table designs
  • 8 new premade headers
As mentioned, the whole batch is Kimi ni Todoke-themed -- both manga and anime -- and I'm proud and pretty giddy as this is another "trend" I had before the long break. Again, feedback is life so let me know your thoughts.

Gotta go now as I'm working on more new graphics for my other sites and I don't wanna lose the inspiration; see you all on next time (for Christmas).
Everybody take care and have a wonderful day. ♥

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